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Kamyla Episode 1

By at June 3, 2009 | 10:10 pm | Print


Based on the manga by Jamming (じゃみんぐ). Late 20th century, during a time of rampant social corruption, a criminal market in human sex slavery has become increasingly common. The Japanese government created a specially trained task force to combat these crimes. Agatha, Lily, and Koyomi are special agents who are sent to rescue a woman from a sex slavery ring lead by a man known as Lead Suits. Agatha is captured by Lead Suits, and she finds out that he uses a drug called Kamyla to control his sex slaves. After Kamyla is injected into a person, a keyword triggers complete mind control over him or her. As a result, people who are under the influence of Kamyla will do anything their master commands. Agatha is injected with Kamyla but is eventually rescued by her colleagues. The problem is, Agatha can’t fight the effects of the drug… and her body craves the sensation of being raped and man-handled increasingly with each passing day.


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