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Kisaku Spirit: The Letch Lives

Kisaku Spirit: The Letch Lives
Not yet rated

Kisaku Spirit: The Letch Lives. After Kisaku died, he had a strong desire that his spirit was still wandering around. Yuri noticed a guy who resembled Kisaku, but he was actully a hard worker named Kusaki, who had a good nature and was far different from Kisaku. When they first met, Kisaku's spirit appeared and started to haunt Kusaki. Eventually Kisaku took over Kusaki.

Alternative Name: -

Writer: -

Director: -

Category: Anime, Uncensored

Tagges as: Anal, Big Breasts, Drama, Forced, Humiliation, Loli, Magic, Oral, Rape, School, Schoolgirl

Date Added: May 06, 2014

Release on: -

Status: Completed

Rank: 402

Total views: 1359

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