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Love Selection Select

Love Selection Select
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Love Selection. Based on the manga by Kisaragi Gunma (如月群真). Yui finds out that her best friends Ami-chan & Nao-chan and herself are the last remaining virgins in their class. To erase this blot from their school lives, Yui enterprisingly announces to a select group of available boys in her class that they will each give up their virginities to one of them and asks them to line up before the girl of their choice. This group also include Daiki-kun who shares a mutual crush on Ami-chan.

Alternative Name: -

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Category: Anime, Censored

Tagges as: Romance, Students, Virgins, Futanari

Date Added: May 25, 2014

Release on: -

Status: Completed

Rank: 694

Total views: 643

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