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Queen's Blade Gyokuza wo Tsugumono

Queen's Blade Gyokuza wo Tsugumono
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Queen's Blade Gyokuza wo Tsugumono. Queen's Blade is an anime TV series based on the visual combat books by Hobby Japan. Produced by ARMS, the anime is directed and composed by Kinji Yoshimoto, produced by Hiromasa Minami, Hirotaka Yoshida, Kazuaki Morijiri, Masaaki Yokota and Shinsaku Tanaka, characters by Rin Sin, and music by Masaru Yokoyama. The episodes' plot covers the events leading up to the Queen's Blade–a tournament of strength and beauty held every four years to decide who will be the next Queen, and the story centers on Leina Vance, heiress to the count, travelling to Gainos to compete in the Queen's Blade tournament.

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Category: Anime, Censored

Tagges as: Adventure, Comedy, Magic, Supernatural, Magical Girl, Loli, Demons, Yuri, Tentacles

Date Added: Jun 11, 2014

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Status: Completed

Rank: 269

Total views: 1907

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