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The Incredible Gyoukai Video Junk Boy

The Incredible Gyoukai Video Junk Boy
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The Incredible Gyoukai Video Junk Boy. * Based on the manga by Kunitomo Yasuyuki. Yamazaki Ryouhei is a cool twenty-three year old, with an extremely high sex drive. A smooth talker with the lady killing eyes and a winning smile, we follow him in his never-ending search for the perfect woman. When Yamazaki catches the eye of the beautiful senior editor, Oda Yuki, you know he's not just going far, he's going all the way. He lucks into a job at Potato Boy magazine that seems just made for him, but just how far can you get if your only hobby is looking at naked women? Now he's aiming for the top, turning Potato Boy magazine into one hell of a publication. No one expected things to get so hot, so quickly, but Yamazaki knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. Don't think he will take no for an answer!

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Date Added: Feb 03, 2015

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Status: Completed

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